About us

In 1929, Mr. Léopold Sutto, father of the famous actress Janine Sutto, started a business in importation that was later known as OCI. OCI quickly became the leading distributor of religious items in Canada. After Mr. Sutto retired, two different entrepreneurs took over and ran the business before it was acquired by its current owner, Mrs. Renée-Claude Surprenant, in June of 2010. During those transition years, the business has built its remarkable reputation on the excellent quality of its products, as well as its outstanding customer service. The new management wishes to keep this excellent reputation while bringing many new developments in the future years. At the beginning of 2011, the head office relocated to a more modern facility in Boucherville; in order to better service its customers.

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Our role

To support our customers with the best quality religious items in Canada, in order for them to maintain their sales and future development; while providing an outstanding customer service.

Our ethical code

  • To act responsibly

  • To be independent

  • To always strive to improve

  • To have fun at work

  • To always satisfy our customers

Our business philosophy

  • Building strong relationships with our clients

  • Continually imagining new ways to do things and offering new products

  • Keeping up with innovations and developments in our field

In numbers, OCI is :

  • More than 3,500 active customers

  • More than 3,500 goods

  • More than 80 years of experience

  • More than 80 suppliers worldwide

  • A devoted team ready to help you

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A summary of our history

1929 Office Central Catholique ltée. Beginning of Office Central d’Importations' activities by Mr. Léopold Sutto (father of Janine Sutto)

1959 André Sutto, son of Léopold Sutto, takes over.

1984 The entreprise is sold to Mr. Papineau, Mr. Jean Coutu (pharmacist) and Mr. Marcotte who move the entreprise to Longueuil, on de la Métropole street.

1994 Sale of the entreprise to Mr. Gilles Dumas

1999 The company is moved to de la Province street in Longueuil

2009 The entreprise is sold to Ms. Renée-Claude Surprenant. The entreprise is moved to JA Bombardier street in Boucherville

2011 The enterprise rebrands itself to OCI Importations inc.

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